Orthopedics & Yoga: How Yoga is Beneficial at Any Age and Ability

We feel very strongly about the power of yoga and its ability to increase our patients quality of life. Yoga is a form of exercise developed some 5000 years ago in India and is a way to connect to nature and to God, much like prayer. Yoga is also a proven way to improve strength, conditioning and flexibility as well as endurance.

However, yoga is also very good at producing peace of mind, tranquility, and reducing stress and chronic pain. Yoga provides you a way to retrain your body’s pain pathways and to reduce the amount of pain you may feel.

Yoga involves some poses that improve balance.

As we age, balance is one thing that begins to leave us. Without balance, you are prone to tripping and falling and therefore to breaking bones or spraining ligaments. Yoga has been proven to improve balance, thus reducing fall risk.

Balance poses can be very easy and short. Hatha Yoga is an entry-level type of yoga that anyone can do (with proper guidance).

Any yoga that you undertake should be properly selected by you and your physician and done with certified supervision, of course. There is no need to be scared of yoga. For example, if you are very stiff or have an injury, yoga may begin in a chair for you. If you are not as strong as you would like to be and do not have much balance, this chair-yoga is perfectly acceptable.

One key component of yoga is visualization or biofeedback.

You may have heard that this is a technique used by Drew Brees and other professional athletes to improve performance. We hope that you visualize yourself free from limitations and pain as you perform yoga. This practice is very important if you truly wish to stop suffering from chronic pain.

Deep breathing during the poses of yoga is also necessary. Oxygen is mandatory for your brain and heart to function perfectly. Deep breathing can enhance your ability to focus, meditate, and develop peacefulness during the yoga session. This mental improvement will carry with you into your everyday life.

Prior to performing a pose in your yoga session, you should visualize (or imagine) yourself doing it to its fullest and with success.

This is one example of how you can begin to perform yoga no matter what your condition is. There are even poses to do if you are lying in bed! Yoga has been proven to improve strength and reduce pain. In addition, yoga has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Yoga is a relatively inexpensive way to help yourself live your life to its fullest. The military has even started a yoga program to help soldiers lose weight. We believe that yoga reduces pain in a variety of painful conditions and we also believe that it can improve your everyday life.

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