5 Ways to Treat Heel Pain Yourself

Heel pain is very common. This pain is disabling and is from heel spurs, inflamed tissues or degenerating tissues in the foot. The pain is felt on the bottom of the heel, mostly on the inside half of the bottom of the heel. The pain occurs when standing or walking or running. This pain is very intense with the first step in the morning or after sitting at a desk or driving for a long time period. There are a number of safe and proven ways you can treat this pain without needing to see a doctor or pay a copay. Here are 5 ways to self-treat.

Stretch Your Leg Muscles

Stretching the calves is very important for treating heel pain. This is an indirect stretch for the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is the source of heel pain. This fascia begins on the bottom of the heel bone. The calf muscles insert on the back of the heel bone. By stretching the calf muscle, you indirectly treat the pain that starts on the bottom of the heel.

Stretch The Tissue on the Bottom of the Foot

Stretch the tissue on the bottom of the foot. Tissue-specific stretching really works. Studies have shown that this is as effective as many other prescribed treatments. Tissue-specific stretching works best if it is done with calf stretching. The combination of a direct and indirect stretch optimizes pain relief.

Massage Your Foot with a Tennis Ball

Tennis balls are inexpensive and if you leave near a court, probably free. If you roll the bottom of your foot on a tennis ball, that massages the tissues and muscles on the sole. By doing this, you are using a therapy technique and treating your own pain. This is particularly effective to reduce the amount of pain felt with the first step in the morning. Just be sure to keep the tennis ball off the floor when you aren’t massaging your plantar fascia; this is a safety tip!

Massage Your Foot with a Frozen Water Bottle 

Freeze a bottle of water and use that to massage the foot. By placing an individual bottle of water in the freezer, you can make your own ice therapy device. Granted, it is not as sophisticated as some that are prescribed, but it can be effective. Icing is a known technique in orthopedic and sports medicine. Icing a painful body part can reduce pain and reduce swelling. This should be done on a towel to reduce the risk of a wet floor when you are done.

Utilize a Massage Device

Use a device like “The Heeler” to ice and provide a deeper massage to the muscles and fascia on the bottom of the foot and the heel. “The Heeler” provides ice therapy and deeper stretching of the tissues at the same time.


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